Third Reprint & New Low Price for A Palace For Our Kings

We’re really very pleased to announce that A Palace For Our Kings by James Wright has gone to press again – for a third time!

To celebrate this we have reduced the price and lowered the postage costs at the Triskele Publishing online shop. The book on the history and archaeology of a Mediaeval royal palace in the heart of Sherwood Forest can now be purchased for just £17 all inclusive.

It was a big decision to make after the revised second edition completely sold out. However, it was a choice that has been supported by the large number of public lectures and events which the author has been invited to present at. Additionally, now that the book has been stocked nationwide by Waterstones we are experiencing increased numbers of orders.

Essentially, so long as there is a healthy demand for A Palace For Our Kings we are now happy to keep reprinting until the image licencing agreements with our partner organisations reach capacity.

After all, to quote the author, James Wright: “There is simply no point in doing archaeology if you do not tell people what you have done!”

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